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Good Practices

This list offers an overview of good practices in digital skills by regional, national and European stakeholders. Explore successful approaches, upskilling initiatives and projects with a proven impact on bridging the digital skills gap that have the potential to be replicated in other countries and different contexts.  

  • Malta Digital Skills Bootcamps

    The Bootcamps are an annual training opportunity for skilling, upskilling and reskilling organised by the Maltese National Coalition, the eSkills Malta Foundation.
  • Female Engineer of the Year - Slovenia

    In Europe, only about a quarter of girls study STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), compared to one in three in Slovenia. Why don't girls choose engineering careers? For us to narrow the gender gap in STEM and Computer Science...
  • CyberPhish Project

    A project in 5 European countries to help all citizens acquire critical thinking and apply it to basic knowledge of cybersecurity.
  • - the Netherlands

    An open-source toolbox for SMEs and VET providers, with guidance on a range of topics from tackling gender disparities within a company, to digitalising a product or service.
  • PIX - France

    Pix was founded in 2016 as a non-profit public organisation in France, which aims to improve digital literacy all over the world. Behind Pix stands a team of more than 70 international experts who work on digital skills and jobs in various areas. The...