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Good Practices

This list offers an overview of good practices in digital skills by regional, national and European stakeholders. Explore successful approaches, upskilling initiatives and projects with a proven impact on bridging the digital skills gap that have the potential to be replicated in other countries and different contexts.  

  • The Informal School of IT in Romania

    The Informal School of IT is one of the ed-tech pioneers in Romania, delivering a life-changing learning opportunity for everyone with a genuine passion for technology, by bringing together experienced IT professionals and people looking to get...
  • IT Academy Estonia

    The Estonian IT Academy is a cooperation programme between the government, universities, vocational schools and information and communication technology entrepreneurs.
  • Malta Digital Skills Bootcamps

    The Bootcamps are an annual training opportunity for skilling, upskilling and reskilling organised by the Maltese National Coalition, the eSkills Malta Foundation.
  • Conference Computer at School

    Gymnazium of Vincenc Makovsky has been the organiser of the National Conference Computer at School since 2003. The conference regularly brings together around 200 participants, mainly from primary and secondary schools, but also from commercial...
  • Rails Girls - Bulgaria

    Rails girls is a two-day free workshop that targets women with little to no experience in the field of programming and technology. The goals of the program are to expose as many women as possible into a largely male-dominated industries. The project...
  • CyberPhish Project

    A project in 5 European countries to help all citizens acquire critical thinking and apply it to basic knowledge of cybersecurity.