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Lifelong learning has always been an important way to keep employees updated with the latest know-how in response to new demands of the industry in Nordic countries. This has been an essential part of the Nordic countries industrial success and societal development. However, closing the digital skills gap and ensuring adequate provision of lifelong learning courses is still a challenge for the region.

This report has been issued within the cooperation of the Association of Nordic Engineers (ANE) and the Network of Nordic and Baltic Universities of Technology (NORDTEK). It provides an insight into some inspiring initiatives from the Nordic countries.

The initiatives point out the importance of cross border collaboration between different stakeholders to better match the demand with the supply of courses. Moreover, the results show that there is a growing interest in learning together and in supporting digital leadership. Lastly, the report finds that the provision of lifelong learning and continuing education offers many advantages for both higher education institutions and society. They build important bridges between education, research, and the business sector, in particular when addressing the digital and green transformation.

The findings and the recommendations of this report are expected to stimulate a more active Nordic cooperation in the field of lifelong learning for highly skilled professionals.

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