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The pandemic is the biggest cause of digital disruption in the sector this year. COVID-19 has been a push for the sector to embrace digital with the aim of staying relevant, helping more people and developing new ways of working, fundraising and offering services. However, whilst there has been acceleration in some areas of charities’ digital development, there has been little progress in others.

The Charity Digital Skills Report is in its fifth year and is the annual barometer of digital skills, attitudes and support needs across the sector. The report analysed how key building blocks in creating the right foundations for digital change are progressing, including understanding user needs, leadership, strategy and governance. 

The report also aims to help:

  • Understand the key trends in how charities’ use of digital has changed over the last year, so that you can benchmark your organisation. 
  • Learn how other charities are changing their ways of working and developing their plans for digital as we reach the next phase of the pandemic.
  • Track progress made over the last five years and what this means for the sector.
  • Measure where charities have skills gaps but also what they need from forms of support such as
    funding and learning and development. 


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Digital skills for the labour force.
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