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AI Opportunities for SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) is one of the many webinars available through the resource repository of the Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs (I4MS) initiative, which provides specialised training and support to SMEs in the manufacturing sector. The speaker for the webinar is Å. Rudström - a scientific researcher, project leader, coordinator, networker and speaker/lecturer, with a PhD in Man-Machine Interaction.

AI Opportunities for SMEs is a free resource, produced in the framework of the InnoCAPE project (which designs a cooperation model to develop a digital innovation ecosystem in the Baltic Sea region and enhances the capacity of digital innovation hubs (DIHs) in the Baltic Sea region). Offered entirely online, the webinar is suitable to management and executive level employees from a wide range of sectors: automotive, aerospace, agriculture, chemicals, information and communication technologies (ICTs), construction, education, research and development (R&D) and energy. The webinar introduces engineers, project leaders, plant managers and directors to the different ways in which Machine Learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) can drive forward innovation in business processes. Due to its short nature, the webinar is also suitable for in-company training, with a focus on upskilling SME workforce when it comes to using technology for daily operations at work. 

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Digital skills for the labour force.
Digital technology / specialisation
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A course on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for more advanced, management-level employees. Free educational resource, not following a particular framework or methodology. 

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