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The Cyberskills Exercise Platform (CEP) is ENISA's platform for hands-on training via cybersecurity exercises. The training is generally addressed to IT or cybersecurity professionals. It supports exercises with high-end technical challenges, in a virtual cyber universe that imitates reality.

The CEP platform facilitates compound exercise management, provides a comprehensive map of upcoming and past exercises, features an exercise playground with high-end technical challenges, and serves as the gateway to a virtual cyber universe that imitates reality. The ENISA incident development community is a group of professionals and experts who support exercises and have an impact on how they are developed and conducted in the future.

Features of the CEP Platform

Exercise management is at the centre of CEP. Furthermore, the platform hosts a Cyber security Technical Exercise (CTEx) environment for self-paced exercising and training with technical cyber security incidents. ENISA team developed a general purpose virtual universe for exercises, which makes the training in the platform valuable for every cybersecurity professional.

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Digital skills for ICT professionals and other digital experts.
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Exercise Platform for IT and cybersecurity professionals

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