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The Get Smarter project has been launched by, the public-private partnership launched in 2019 to work towards promoting Malta as a tech centre for innovative technologies. The initiative is aimed at helping mobile users maximise the use of their smartphones. It consists of an informative training programme, which takes the users through some very useful tools that are available on a smartphone and offers interesting tips for effective usage.

GetSmarter offers an opportunity to individuals who are planning on purchasing a smartphone or already have one but don’t know how to maximise its use. The Training Programme will tackle topics such as identifying different ways of connecting with people and browsing the Internet. It will also take participants through an overview of the various interesting features available on a smartphone. 

The training manual is available in English and in Maltese and it covers many relevant topics:

  • The difference between mobile data and Wi-Fi
  • Connecting to Internet
  • Pre-paid vs Post-paid
  • Mobile data tips
  • Participation in social media
  • Taking pictures and sharing them online through different apps
  • Mobile phone privacy
  • General mobile phone netiquette
  • Malta government apps

Moreover, the initiative is then part of Malta's digital strategy which aims to have Malta prosper as a digitally enabled nation in all sectors of society.

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