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Salesforce, the global leader company in cloud computing, carried out a wide research surveying over 23,000 of the workforce and prospective workforce age 18 to 65 across 19 countries to measure global readiness around the future of digital skills, concerns about job readiness, and the significance of continuous learning.

Survey findings were used to create a Global Digital Skills Index, measuring readiness from the perspective of respondents on the following key factors:

  • Digital Skills Preparedness
    [Question: Do you feel prepared for skills needed now/in the next 5 years?]
  • Role of Digital Skills to Success at Work
    [Question: How important are these 14 workplace digital skills to be successful at work now and/or in the next 5 years?]
  • Perceived Skill Level
    [Question: How would you rate your skill level across 14 workplace digital skills? How would you rate your skill level across 6 everyday digital skills?]
  • Access to Learning Resources to Learn Skills
    [Question: How equipped are you equipped with the necessary resources to learn the workplace digital skills needed now/in the next 5 years?]
  • Active Participation [
    Question: Are you actively learning or upskilling to gain the workplace digital skills needed now and/or in the next 5 years?]

Based on this study, Salesforce researchers assigned each country a score out of 100 to indicate low, moderate and high digital skill reported readiness. The goal of calculating a Global Digital Skill Index was to identify the personal disposition of the global population around digital skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

Digital skills resource details

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Digital skills for the labour force.
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