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The SME Cybersecurity Best Practice Quiz is a joint effort by four initiatives, co-financed through the H2020 financing programme of the European Union.

The quiz represents a self-assessment tool, which targets employees in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and their awareness and understanding of cybersecurity-related challenges and solutions. The projects behind the initiatives, CyberSec4Europe,, and SME SEC additionally work to make free learning resources on boosting online security available and accessible to SMEs. 

The Cybersecurity Best Practice Quiz is a free tool, which takes 15 minutes to complete. It offers a way for smaller companies and organisations to assess their staff's knowledge about basic security guidelines, improve digital competences and understanding of security, and implement a valid cybersecurity system. 

By answering a set of questions through a quick and straightforward online self-assessment, SMEs can easily understand where they stand in terms of their cybersecurity knowledge, pinpoint gaps and discover good practices in security, such as office firewalls, secure configuration, software patching, user and administrative accounts, awareness of weaknesses with passwords, malware protection, and basic risk assessment. 

Digital skills resource details

Target audience
Digital skills for the labour force.
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A business-oriented tool, which measures SME employees' digital competence within the workplace and understanding of digital and network security.

Skills resource type
Self-Assessment Tool