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Are you an individual, an organisation, a policymaker or a training provider? Are you looking for inspirations for boosting digital transformation?

The Digital Skills and Jobs Platform will support you in defining your path to digital transformation. It provides inspirational information on good practices, resources, and research from across Europe. Let’s find out more!

The Good Practices section showcases a variety of successful initiatives and strategies, good examples of training programs and funding schemes. 

If you want to make a direct contribution to reduce the digital skills gap in Europe, find first what others are doing.  Visit the Pledges section and get inspired by looking at the variety of actions: from training job seekers, giving MOOCs for teachers, offering coding classes for children to providing cutting edge training for ICT specialists. 

Valuable case studies, training curricula, methodologies, and self-assessment tools are then available in the Resources section to support your choices and needs. 

Discover the Pledges for digital skills submitted by the members of the Digital Skills & Jobs Coalition (DSJC). Explore the initiatives submitted by the community of Pledgers and submit your pledge to become a member and join hundreds of organisations who demonstrate their role in closing the digital skills gap in Europe.

Finally, if you are interested in the latest data and trends on digital skills in Europe, visit the Research section. In this section, you can find various skills intelligence publications such as academic studies, papers, reports as well as other data-driven information on the development and impact of digital transition. 

All these materials can support your journey in exploiting digital skills and tools, enhancing your knowledge and providing crucial content to replicate successful examples.  

If you have any ideas that may inspire others, share them with us and join our Community