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16th European Spectrum Management Conference

Virtual Live

The 16th European Spectrum Management Conference will faciltate discussions between key stakeholders, providing a platform where they can come together and address issues relating to the management and coordination of spectrum policy across Europe.

Some of the main areas to be debated at the Conference will include the Radio Spectrum Policy Programme, the use of technology and policy tools to increase spectrum efficiency, and how co-ordinate as a region in our approach to spectrum and connectivity. All this will take place across the event, with attendees able to join interactive sessions, one-to-one and group networking, technology demonstrations, and explore a virtual exhibition area.

Across the three days of the event, attendees can listen to a wide range of in-depth keynotes and presentations to fully understand the outlook of policy and industry figureheads. Previously, the Conference has been the place for policymakers, regulators and industry stakeholders from connectivity sectors to ensure that their voices are included.

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