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All Digital Summit 2021

Virtual Live

ALL DIGITAL is organising its 14th annual summit online on 13-15 October. This year's event will be focused on the theme of "Digital Skills and Tools for a Better World". With the Covid-19 pandemic, citizens across Europe and the world have been challenged in unprecedented ways which changed how daily life and the workplace was perceived. Many had to quickly learn to use new technological solutions to overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic. Over time, this became the new normal. 

Through its annual summit, ALL DIGITAL aims to look at the learning curve that citizens faced at this time and how this impacts digital education. Alongside this, they aim to explore how social organisations now provide digital education support to people as well as the tools and techniques that support societal benefits in a post-pandemic digital world. To tackle this, the summit will focus on digital skills and tools that unlock and amplify the subjects of STE(A)M Education and digital social innovation, how these relate to real world problems and add value to the beneficiaries.

The Summit will bring together over 400 representatives of networks and organisations working to enhance digital skills of European citizens. It will feature keynotes, panels, lightning talks and workshops focused on its overarching theme. In addition to keynotes and panel discussions, the event will introduce a number of projects to the audience and go into varying levels of detail about a range of tools and approaches for different purposes and different audiences under these themes.

The 14 October (13:00 to 18:00) will be dedicated to STE(A)M project.

STE(A)M education nurtures critical thinking, a crucial skill in critical phases of societies to overcome problems and innovate thanks to a creative mindset. Which are the most recent innovative approaches, tools, projects, and areas developed within STE(A)M education? How could we promote and further develop STE(A)M in Europe?

The STEAMonEDU partners, keynote speakers and international guests will answer these questions sharing their expertise engaging the audience during the panel.

During the 3rd day of the ALL DIGITAL Summit, on 15 October (form 9:00 to 15:20), the Social Hackademy International Conference will feature insightful keynote speeches, testimonials from participants, trainers and CSOs' representatives and the presentation of the Social Hackademy Methodology.

The Social Hackademy project exploits the big educational potential of a co-creation process to empower young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with Digital Skills and allows them to take on an active role in solving societal challenges.


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