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Data Science and Deep Learning with Python Course

Virtual Live

Cineca Academy offers an online course on Data Science and Deep Learning with Python. The course is aimed at students and researchers from academia and industry with different backgrounds who are looking for technologies and methods to analyse large amounts of data.
The purpose of this course is to present researchers with data science methods and techniques, with both theoretical lectures and practical sessions on data manipulation, visualisation, machine learning and deep learning.  A specific session on how to use HPC resources is included.


  • Introduction to data analytics
  • Machine Learning theory (supervised/unsupervised)
  • Data Manipulation with Numpy and Pandas
  • Data visualization with Matplotlib, Seaborn, Bokeh
  • Machine learning with sci-kit learn
  • Deep learning with Tensorflow and Keras
  • Introduction to Cineca HPC facilities

The prerequisites are to have basic knowledge in statistics, fundamentals of computer programming with Python and use of GNU/Linux-based systems.
The course will take place from Monday 22 November at 9:00 to Friday 26 November at 18:00, registration closes on October 29.

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