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Digital Tourist 2021


Digital Tourist 2021 is the meeting place for those involved with smart tourism destinations: central, regional, provincial and municipal administrations, as well as leading technology companies offering digital tourism solutions and initiatives. It will be a widely interactive event, in order to provide networking opportunities and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

There will be a two-day debate on technological and digital solutions, under the heading 'Next Generation for Smart Destinations', aiming to address the challenges of the sector, improve its competitiveness and develop a long-term sustainable model. In this way, Digital Tourist aims to provide an environment for discussion between smart tourist destinations and the private sector.

A key part of the topics to be discussed will be the funds allocated to the tourism sector, and how these are aimed at the digitisation and sustainability of Smart Tourist Destinations, further reinforced by items from the EU's Next Generation recovery funds.

At Digital Tourist this year, some of the topics to be debated in the various roundtables will include artificial intelligence in tourism, digitisation to create of personalised tourism experiences, and smart destinations that provide universal accessibility to visitors with disabilities. Digital Tourist 21 will also incorporate health tourism and the integrated Tourism-Commerce binomial.

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