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ENISA Telecom Security Forum

Event location
Thon Hotel, Rue de la Loi, 75, 1040 Brussels, Belgium

Hosted in Brussels, the 2nd ENISA Telecom Security Forum, taking place on 29 June, will highlight emerging issues related to telecom security across Europe and aims to promote collaboration between electronic communications providers and telecom security authorities

The event will feature discussions and sessions on:

  • sharing good practices and experiences on coping with current security threats, topics such as signalling, satellite, submarine cables security, analysing 5G challenges in fog computing, RAN security, NFV.
  • the latest developments on the Electronic Communications Framework, NIS 2 Directive, 5G Toolbox and other legislative initiatives in European but also national levels and exchanging views on identified implementation issues.
  • emerging technologies and other relevant initiatives.


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