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EU funded projects - The key to bridging the digital skills gap in Europe

Virtual Live

Training providers, businesses and civil society organizations around Europe are ready to support the European effort to bridge the digital skills gap with their expertise, providing EU citizens with new set of competences that will enable them to master emerging technologies and the life in the digital era.   

The European Commission is making targeted funding available to support this mission, through different programmes, such as the Digital Europe Programme, Erasmus+, and Horizon Europe, among others. European organizations willing to bridge the digital skills gap can access the funding by partnering-up and deliver innovative and inclusive trainings, providing European citizens with knowledge and tools to live and foster in the digital era.  

To make sure that the efforts to meet the Digital Decade targets and reach the 80% of the European population with basic digital skills by 2030, training providers all over Europe are partnering up with businesses and civil society in different Member States, to create real impact at European level.  

This event will give the spotlight to the most outstanding initiatives that are delivering trainings to bridge the digital skills gap supported by European funding, and to raise awareness on the multiple opportunities that European organizations can access. 

Join the event and get inspired by European initiatives contributing to deliver digital skills to EU citizens! Among the participants, we will hear direct experience from 

  1. ICT4Elderly

  2. EUHubs4Data

  3. SAM – Sector Skills Strategy in Additive Manufacturing (Industry) 

  4. DevOps (Smart Cities) 

  5. Social Hackademy (Youth) 

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