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Fourth European Education Summit: The Next Decade of European Education

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The European Education Summit is the annual flagship event of the European Education Area, the EU’s shared vision of a modern and inclusive European education and training sector, fit to face the digital and green transitions. At this year’s summit, participants from across the EU will discuss ideas and best practices to search for answers to the following questions:

  • How can the education sector be improved to the benefit of all?
  • How can it be made more inclusive and fair – from early childhood education and care to higher education and adult learning?
  • How can the well-being of teachers and pupils be improved?
  • How can smart investment lead to high-quality education and training?
  • What can be done to progress the green and digital transformations of the sector?

The online event will take place on 9 December 2021. A programme will include high-level panels on the following topics:

  • a European strategy for universities
  • teachers’ and students’ well-being
  • inclusive education, a step towards a more equal and cohesive society 
  • strategies for a successful digital education transformation 
  • education and environmental sustainability and its link with the Education for Climate Coalition and the New European Bauhaus initiative
  • education for active citizenship
  • the global dimension of education
  • future education trends and developments 

Prior registration will not be required to watch the live web streaming, which will be available in English only.

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