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Frontiers of Digital Skills: Bridging the Digital Skills Gaps for SMEs and Entrepreneurs

Virtual Live

Lifelong learning is a key component to ensure the availability and access of digital skills to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in all regions and cities. The OECD report on "The Digital Transformation of SMEs" highlights that the digital skills gap is one of the greatest barriers to SME digital adoption. As SMEs face size and resource constraints, many rely on their ecosystems and networks to access the relevant skills needed to transform their business model into a digital one. Therefore, SMEs have to be aware about their digital skills needs and must proactively reach out to their ecosystem and networks to up-skill, re-skill, or externalise digital functions. 

In order to help SMEs access digital skills within their ecosystems and help close their digital skills gap, action must be taken. Higher education institutions, governments, large firms and technology practitioners can work together to develop practical and innovative digital learning solutions that work for SMEs. Proximity among these actors can facilitate collaboration.

The "Frontiers of Digital Skills: Bridging the Digital Skills Gaps for SMEs and Entrepreneurs" webinar will discuss the innovative approaches that can help bridge the digital skills gap for SMEs. Event will feature opening remarks from Celine Kauffmann, Head of Entrepreneurship, SME and Tourism Division at the OECD, and panel discussions with speakers from the education and private sector.

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