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The Human Factors in Cybersecurity - Webinar

Virtual Live

The Human Factors in Cybersecurity is a webinar organised by DANSK IT, the Danish association that promotes and supports the development of advanced IT skills and raises awareness about the impact of emerging technologies for all. 

The webinar can be followed online and takes place on 25 May 2022 from 14:00 to 15:00 CEST. 

Explore the human factor in online security

The webinar will dive into the main issues related to human behaviour and decision-making and will focus on specific security protection measures, possible solutions and open challenges. 

Why are humans the 'weakest link'? 

In the field of cybersecurity, humans are often considered the 'weakest link': and research shows that the majority of cyberattacks in the last 5 years or so were made possible due to human error. 

At the same time, organisational policies to force compliance with security measures often fails, or does not reach the employees most in need. One common reason for this is the fact that in the event of a failure, the blame and responsibility is transferred onto the user, and psychological and social factors pertaining to specific people's background are not taken into account. So how can we remedy this? 

Join the webinar to hear experts' thoughts

Join Oksana Kulyk, Associate Professor at the ITU (IT University of Copenhagen), and a member of the Centre for Information Security and Trust (CIST) - the main speaker of the webinar. After her doctoral studies, she worked as part of the Security, Usability and Society (SECUSO) research group at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. In terms of research, she primarily focuses on the human factor in security and privacy, as well as privacy-related decision support for end users, risk communication, and security and privacy in the context of online and electronic voting. 

Until December 2020, she worked in the Danish Centre for Cybersecurity, investigating cybersecurity and privacy practices in Danish companies.

Professor Kulyk will present the main issues related to human behaviour and decision-making in the context of security and protection. 


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