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The Digital Volunteers Programme aims to support European SMEs in their digital transformation journey by improving their employees' digital competences, with dedicated and skilled mentoring programs from larger businesses. 

Following the European Union's SME strategy launched in 2020, the Pilot Phase of the Digital Volunteers Programme kicked off last year, with around 50 leading European companies that presented a program of digital mentoring to SMEs, NGOs and startups to deliver training, advisory services, or to develop joint digital projects.

The Digital Volunteers Programme aims at creating a wide network of European companies ready to support through their in-house experts the digitalisation of SMEs. In this way, a global enhanced digital business environment beneficial to everyone will be promoted. Also, the Programme play a key role in achieving the targets outlined in the Digital Decade: equipping at least 80% of the EU citizens with basic digital skills and reaching 20 million employed ICT specialists by 2030.

The Digital Volunteers Programme in the Platform

In February 2022 many companies showcased their initiative in a series of webinars organised by the European Commission. In the Digital Skills & Jobs Platform, you will find a dedicated page where you can find details about all the mentoring schemes and upcoming activities in the framework of the Programme. 

You will find a wide variety of programs focusing on different objectives of the digital transformation: from those focused on supporting the implementation of new technologies, to the digitalisation of diverse processes such as HR and Marketing, or the production of tailor-made training to upskill employees.

The companies that registered their participation in the Programme can also be found in the Pledge Viewer of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition.

In addition, the Platform offers a dedicated space in the Community where these companies have the opportunity to further exchange, share knowledge and experience on their mentoring programme, connect with other companies and exchange best practices.

Check out the Digital Volunteers page in the Platform to find out more!


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