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The overall goal of the Mission on Cancerand the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan includes a better quality of life for patients and their families living with, and after, cancer.

Project results will support the creation of a virtual European Cancer Patient Digital Centre (ECPDC), which is a federated network of patient controlled (national) health data infrastructures enabling the voluntary exchange of patients and survivors’ health data in a standardised approach, for primary and secondary use.

Patient-controlled health data networks in Europe show a high level of heterogeneity with regard to the involvement of EU Member States, as well as the types and interoperability of collected data, organisation and governance of data storage, its access and security, and the possibility to reuse data for research purposes.

Proposals should address the existing challenges and develop a roadmap towards the creation of the ECPDC as a virtual, federated network of national infrastructures of patient-controlled health data (‘national or regional nodes’), taking into account synergies with the future platform, integrated within a larger European network of infrastructures, to which each Member State should have a single access portal.

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Digital skills for ICT professionals and other digital experts.
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Health not elsewhere classified
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EU institutional initiative
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