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BIBLIO MOOC for Library Professionals

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The BIBLIO MOOC is the first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on digital skills designed with library professionals in mind. Targeting all those working in libraries and information science, the course requires registration and can be followed free of charge.

While this MOOC targets librarians and those working in the field, the course may also be suitable to anyone interested in understanding the evolution of the information sector and the potential of digitalisation in libraries. 

The BIBLIO Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is a modern course, which enables learners to develop digital and transversal skills that are considered to be fundamental for library professionals in the new era.

Why this MOOC?

Today, libraries are not a just a place where people go to read and borrow books. They are community centers, safe places where people go to get advice and help, to access information, to get together with likeminded community members. Libraries offer a multitude of services, including access to digital technologies, computers, and the Internet, digitalised collections and content, virtual reality, coding courses or simply getting help with setting up an email and using e-services. When people have nowhere else to ask for support for these things, they go to their local library. With services evolving and expanding, the profession of the librarian is also changing.

The digital transformation is changing the role of libraries and library professionals, and it’s not always easy to understand and adapt to it. After analysing the library sector, and identifying skills gap, changes and needs, the BIBLIO project, dedicated to boosting digital skills and competences for librarians in Europe, is  offering librarians and those interested in that sector the Biblio MOOC. It aims to provide support to library professionals in gaining new skills and developing new innovative services.

What does the MOOC offer?

  • state-of-the-art curricula developed and delivered by experts under high standards of quality assurance
  • 26 modules covering transferrable and digital skills for library professionals
  • a flexible weekly workload and schedule of 8-10 hours per week that you can complete at your own pace
  • personalised support provided by experienced lecturers
  • opportunity to meet, connect and network with peers from all over the world
  • certification in accordance with the European and national qualification frameworks
  • an opportunity for participants who successfully complete the MOOC to enlist in a specialised training programme and certify as Community Engagement and Communication Officer or Digital Transformation Facilitator.

What are the conditions to join the MOOC?

The MOOC will be offered free of charge to anyone who is interested in joining the course. Experience in the library sector is a plus, but not mandatory. The registration form is open until the end of September. 

The course starts on 4 October and will last for a period of 10 weeks. Participants should be able to commit to about 8-10 hours of study time per week, and should have at least an intermediate level of English, as all the online lessons and materials are in English. If you complete the MOOC with a 75% success rate of the online assessment, you will receive a course certificate.

What is the course approach?

Unlike a traditional course, a MOOC is delivered online. The lectures are videos and reading materials, which are available 24/7.

Take the course at your own pace, and interact with other students (and the trainers) through the forum. There are no late night calls, and you don’t have to travel! Each week you will be able to interact with highly experienced experts in 1-hour live webinars, but don’t worry – if you miss them, you will be able to watch them afterwards.

Each week, up to three lessons will be released. Each lesson contains the video materials to watch, homework for you to work on, and a quiz to assess your learning.    

Discover the Biblio project 

Like virtually all industries, the library and information sector has undergone changes as a result of the digital transformation. To enable this process fully, librarians need to have the right skillset. The Biblio project aims to address this gap and boost the digital skills and competences of library professionals. The project is funded under the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. Behind the project, which officially kicked off in January 2020, is a consortium of 10 partners from 5 countries: 

You can follow the BIBLIO project via the dedicated communities on Facebook and Twitter - or via the hashtag #DigitalBiblio

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Digital skills for the labour force.
Digital skills for all
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Library, information and archival studies
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e-learning coursework
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