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Coding Superstars - Digital Skills Bootcamp

Coding Superstars is the Digital Skills Bootcamp designed by e-Skills Malta Foundation which will introduce the world of coding to kids. The Bootcamp consists of 10 free online sessions of coding courses and it is ideal for kids aged 7-11 years. Every session is designed to be fun and engaging, to make kids fall in love with coding through fun activities and creating their own games, art and digital stories, which can then be shared with their family and friends.

The course aims to teach participants computational thinking, problem-solving and digital citizenship through coding. The sessions will blend online activities - which the kids can follow with any kind of device, including school tablets - and also non computational activities, designed to teach them digital citizenship and computational thinking also without the use of digital devices. After following this fun bootcamp, kids will be able to perform many activities in the framework of coding and web development, such as:

  • Create basic computer programmes
  • Predict and explain the outcomes of a sequence of instructions 
  • Create and modify a sequence of instructions which give a solution to a given task 
  • Break down a complex task into small meaningful parts 
  • Identify and correct errors in a sequence of instructions 
  • Analyse a solution to a task and formulate a more efficient solution

Coding Superstars is founded by e-Skills Malta Foundation and developed in partnership with BrightBrainz.

Participants can easily register by following this link.

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Digital skills in education.
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