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EU Code Week Bootcamp 2022

EU Code Week Bootcamp is the 2022 MOOC edition part of EU Code Week, which kicks off on 10 October and runs until 19 November 2022. The bootcamp is meant for teachers from pre-primary, primary and secondary schools and aims to provide them with a set of practical ideas, tools and resources to support increased use of coding and computational thinking into the classroom. 

Why this MOOC? 

Join a vibrant community that encourages exchange of knowledge and good practices, connect with like-minded peers and get inspired to expand your network and collaborate with other shapers of European educators and trainers.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the EU Code Week initiative (a European grassroots campaign that takes place during the month of October each year) and this year's 2022 EU Code Week campaign.

The bootcamp also has a Facebook group and discussions on Twitter are running under the hashtag #CodeWeekBootcamp

In this MOOC, you will...  

  • Get the chance to work with a new set of challenges and various new learning materials - and use these when you plan your own classroom activities. 
  • Get to know the range of resources and opportunities available for students, teachers and parents on the EU Code Week website. 
  • Learn how to improve your knowledge of the ways computational thinking and coding could be integrated within teaching and learning practices (including activities like unplugged coding, the integration of robotics, and the importance of tinkering - and how to translate this into a language your students understand. 
  • Discover the trendiest and most recent approaches in how AI is implemented in the classroom - and find good tips on getting to know the risks and challenges this brings. 
  • Have an opportunity to exchange successful approaches and good practices when it comes to integrating computational thinking, coding, and the increased use of digital technologies within the classroom - and exchange tips with teachers from all over Europe. 

Good to know

The bootcamp is split into 4 modules and takes a total time of around 17 hours to complete. You will need to dedicate no more than 4 to 5 hours each of those 4 weeks. At the same time, the course is self-paced and can be followed at one's own pace, with one module opening at the start of each week - just pay attention to the course's deadline (this is also the deadline for the peer review activity!). 

The course is open to anyone and requires no previous experience or knowledge of coding. It is created coordinated by Arjana Blazic and Eugenia Casariego Artola, supported by the Code Week Team and the European Schoolnet Academy staff.

Want to know what to expect? This video will show you all you'll learn.

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Digital skills in education.
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