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Free digital upskilling courses in Baltics

Baltic internships

As of May 2023, LIKTA in collaboration with Microsoft Philanthropies, will offer new digital upskilling courses designed to enhance professional qualifications and optimize workplace and personal productivity.

Financial support has been granted for the implementation of the 3 rd round of the project “Virtual Internships in the Baltics”. In the previous round, LIKTA collaborated with the University of Latvia and partners in Lithuania and Estonia to train over 12,000 course participants from across the Baltic States.

During this round, which lasts until November, LIKTA is providing interested participants with access to course records from the previous round, as well as a new selection of up-to-date online courses. These courses enable learners to complete practical tasks under the guidance of expert trainers and participate in webinars and remote consultations to ask questions related to their interests.

The following courses will be available to all interested parties:

  • Analysis of data with Power BI. In this course, participants acquire skills in working with data, data visualization and analytics, which will help to make effective use of data in every field. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to perform dynamic and scenario analyses relevant to their business environment. This online course is conducted in English.
  • The 'Introduction to Artificial Intelligence' course offers participants an accessible overview of artificial intelligence, its applications, machine learning, and hands-on experience with Azure Machine Learning Designer. This online course is conducted in English
  • The 'AI for Medium Level' course offers participants an advanced understanding of machine learning, data processing for machine learning applications, machine learning models, and performance evaluation techniques. Through practical tasks and expert guidance, participants will be equipped to develop high-performing AI solutions. This online course is conducted in English

The track records of the previous round will still be available to all interested parties:

  • Development of applications and programmes. This course learns about the development of applications and programmes to simplify and automate the company’s day-to-day processes for a more efficient and successful company. The course is available in English, Latvian and Lithuanian.
  • Analysis of data with Power BI. The course is available in English, Latvian and Lithuanian.
  • Python Programming. This course is designed for those who want to learn to write the Python code, recognize the data types supported by Python and be able to create a Python code that logically solves a particular problem. Participants will learn to write, deceive, maintain and document the Python code.

Registration and more information on the content, timing and progress of the courses are available on


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