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Cybersecurity Skills Academy - Diversity & Inclusion

Cybersecurity Skills Academy - Diversity & Inclusion

Cyber Skills Academy - Diversity & Inclusion

At the Cyber Skills Academy, we're dedicated to fostering a collaborative strategy involving stakeholders to tackle the cybersecurity skills gap head-on. Join us in our mission to bridge the cybersecurity skills gap with a united front, embracing diversity and gender balance. We believe that a strong cybersecurity workforce should reflect the richness of our society. Together, let's empower individuals to build a resilient and inclusive cyber community!

With a special focus on upskilling and reskilling women, we're proud to champion the Women in Digital Declaration. Our goal? Gender convergence in cybersecurity positions by 2030. Explore this section to discover EU-level activities and initiatives driving towards this transformative vision.

Check out some of the main European initiatives seeking to address diversity and gender inclusion in cybersecurity:


On gender, the Cyber Skills Academy aims to facilitate the building of role models to attract girls to cybersecurity professions, combatting at the same time gender-related stereotypes. It also encourages the upskill and reskill of women and fosters the development of a community, which can support women in their entry or promotion on the cybersecurity job market.

Woman4Cyber Network

Since March 2024, the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform hosts the Women4Cyber Network, a collaborative effort between the European Commission and the Women4Cyber Foundation, uniting skilled women in cybersecurity from various sectors and expertise levels. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, we welcome you to be a part of this networking group.

By becoming a member, you'll connect with a diverse community of women shaping the future of cybersecurity. From threat analysis to policy development, our network covers a wide range of specialties. It's a place to share experiences, explore business opportunities, and forge lasting professional connections.

Our mission is to empower women in cybersecurity, encouraging them to take center stage and enhance their visibility in the field.

If you're a woman working in cybersecurity in Europe, don't miss the chance to join us! Be part of a community dedicated to fostering professional growth, networking, and empowerment. To request membership, first create an account on the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform, then visit the group and tell us why you would like to join!

There are many other initiatives in Europe that address diversity and gender inclusion in cybersecurity, such as the GCA Equal Opportunities in Cyber or the SPARTA best practice guide to attract and retain women in cyber.

Do you want to tell us about new national or local initiatives? Let us know!