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National Digital Skills and Jobs Coalitions

National coalitions are multi-stakeholder partnerships that bring together a range of partners with the aim of developing concrete measures to deliver digital skills to every level of society in their countries. 

National Coalition partners include ICT and ICT-intensive companies, training providers, education and employment ministries, public and private employment services, and organisations from local civil society.

National coalitions collaborate in areas such as developing national digital skills strategies and action plans, increasing industry-led training, certifying skills, improving school and university curricula, and raising awareness about digital skills and ICT careers in their country, especially among young people and women.

The National Coalitions play also an important role in helping the EU reaching the objectives set out by the Digital Decade: increase the number of Europeans with basic digital skills, making sure that 80% of Europeans have at least basic digital skills by 2030. The local initiatives carried out by the National Coalitions are key to achieving this goal.

In this regard, in 2022 the European Commission started a Structured Dialogue with EU Member States to discuss how to bring new digital technologies to education and help people improve their digital skills. Each EU country has nominated a National coordinator who ensures participation of all the relevant ministries, organisations and initiatives such as the National coalitions.

The role of National Coalitions in the Digital Skills & Jobs Platform

National coalitions play a key role in fostering digital skills not only at national but also at European level. They are among the key content providers of the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform. They share key information about national digital skills policies and initiatives, best practices in digital skills area, as well as training opportunities, events and digital skills resources.

Currently, there are National Coalitions established in 25 EU member states. Click on the button below in this page to discover the complete list!

Since 2021 many National coalitions have been updating their websites by developing a two-way information system with the Digital Skills and Jobs platform, thanks to the support of the CEF Programme.

Currently, 15 National Coalitions have their website connected to the Platform, contributing every week with new relevant content on digital skills related to their countries, and many other National Coalitions will be soon connected to the Platform!

The connected coalitions are:

Ireland Ireland                                                             Latvia Latvia                                                          Austria Austria

Lithuania Lithuania                                                         Slovakia Slovakia                                                       Slovenia flag Slovenia

Spain Spain                                                               Czeck Czech Republic                                             Poland flag Poland

Greece flag Greece                                                             Sweden flag Sweden                                                        Croatia flag Croatia

Portugal flag Portugal                                                           Romania flag Romania                                                       Denmark flag Denmark

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