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various cartoon characters a different ages and colours using technologyThe Digital Skills and Jobs Platform is the home of an active and diverse digital skills community from all across Europe. By joining the community you can keep up to date with the latest developments and discussions on important digital skills topics and technologies, and you can also find and collaborate with different organisations and experts on joint activities and projects.

You can Join The Community quickly and easily by creating an account on the platform using the European Commission’s EU Login authentication service, just click here to create a new EU Login account or sign in using your existing credentials.  Already a member? Please login to access content posted by members and collaborate within our community!

Discover our new campaign on Digital Transformation & Upskilling in Europe

two cartoon characters sitting at a desk and watching a live online lessonAre we ready for the digital future, or better still, are we ready for the digital present? 
Digital technologies are influencing our everyday life, at home, at work, when we do sport or look for entertainment - and this requires a set of digital skills that is continuously evolving.

Our campaign on Digital Transformation and Upskilling in Europe wants to answer some of the questions that we all ask ourselves, with the help of experts from the European institutions and organisations, the corporate sector and the world of lifelong learning and education.

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