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The digital landscape is evolving rapidly and so do the updates here. In this section, you can find the latest information on digital skills and jobs, opinions on various digital topics and upcoming events.

The News highlights key updates on digital skills at both EU and national levels. What are these updates about? New initiatives and projects being rolled out, policy developments on the digital agenda, digital trends, to name a few. By following our news, you can stay up to date with the digital transition and its impact on employees, consumers or businesses. You can also see relevant digital up and re-skilling opportunities or understand how you or your organisation might be impacted. 

If you are interested in hearing from digital experts from across Europe, don’t miss our Opinions section. It hosts a range of views from experts on digital topics. Here you can find ideas and thoughts on the ongoing digital transformation and in-demand digital skills. You can also be a part of the current discussion on how individuals and organisations could improve their digital skills in order to adapt to the rapid technological developments.  

Last but not least, the Events section showcases upcoming events related to digital skills and jobs, at both EU and national levels. Not only can you learn more about skills, jobs, and the industry as a whole, these events may also present networking, projects, or funding opportunities that you may find interesting to get involved.  

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