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Terms of Service

Terms of Service


Under the Connecting Europe Facility, a consortium led by European Schoolnet in partnership with Tremend, DIGITALEUROPE, LIKTA, European DIGITAL SME Alliance and Public Libraries 2030 (hereafter ‘the contracter’) is developing and maintaining – on behalf of the European Commission (hereafter ‘the Commission’) – the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform (DSJP) to become the key infrastructure for boosting digital skills in Europe and a one-stop shop for anyone interested in digital skills and jobs.

The DSJP integrates and expands the range of available services and resources in the advanced skills domain. It will ensure excellence and innovation in digital skills training and facilitate partnerships on collaborative digital skills projects. 

The DSJP aims to: 

  • Provide an up-to-date overview of European and national digital skills strategies and relevant policy initiatives; 
  • Promote good practice on digital skills for all citizens, in particular the labor force, ICT professionals and other digital experts and educators; 
  • Inform about public funding, financial instruments, training and traineeship opportunities; 
  • Pool all high-quality resources on digital skills intelligence, assessment and development/training, focusing on up-skilling and re-skilling needs; 
  • Gather materials on specific technologies e.g. artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, high-performance computing, blockchain and sectors like digital skills for finance, agriculture, etc. 
  • Organise events/webinars for knowledge-sharing, co-creation and revision of the core service platform content; 
  • Offer a private interactive space for discussion on skills intelligence, policies and strategies. 
  • Offer new smart functionalities to improve user experience and offer new services.

The DSJP contains:

  • A public website
  • A community tool which is accessible for registered users only. 


The contractor maintains this website on behalf of the Commission. 

Our goal is to keep this information timely and accurate. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. However, we accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to the information on this site.

This information is:

  • of a general nature only and is not intended to address the specific circumstances of any particular individual or entity;
  • not necessarily comprehensive, complete, accurate or up to date;
  • sometimes linked to external sites over which we nor the Commission services have control and for which we nor the Commission assume responsibility;
  • not professional or legal advice (if you need specific advice, you should always consult a suitably qualified professional).

On the public website, content has been primarily created by the contractor on behalf of the Commission with active input from and through intensive consultation with a wide range of stakeholders. Some content has been made available more directly by external contributors, in particular by contributors to the National Coalition websites which are connected to this platform or by external experts who have been invited by the Commission or the contractor to do so. 

In addition, registered users to the platform have access to a community tool which includes a private space where users can exchange knowledge, content, and good practices. All registered users have to explicitly agree to the Terms of Service of this platform – including our Code of Conduct – before gaining access to the community tool functionalities.

The contractor nor the Commission are responsible or in any way liable for the contents of any document, information or materials which have been uploaded, linked to or otherwise made available by external contributors to the platform. 

It is the duty of each content contributor to check the legality of their use of such materials prior to making them available and, in particular, to ensure that they do not infringe upon any relevant law including but not limited to copyright, privacy, data protection, contract or civil liability, statutory obligations or any other law or laws whether at international, European or national level. 

The contractor and the Commission reserve the right, at their discretion, to suspend, change, modify, add or remove (portions of) the platform at any time, including any materials which may have been made available by content contributors.

The contractor and the Commission reserve all and any rights to proceed against any content contributor which breaches the above provisions and for which the contractor or the Commission suffers loss or damage as a result.

Code of Conduct

In order to maintain a professional and respectful atmosphere on the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform, we have implemented some basic rules of conduct, which may be updated by us from time to time. 

All visitors who participate and use the DSJP online facilities are expected to read and agree with these rules and policies and not to violate any of them. 

On the platform, we expect any DSJP user to:

  • Be inclusive, respectful, tolerant and polite. Everyone’s opinions and views are always welcomed and allowed within the boundaries set in this Code of Conduct. Users must be respectful when interacting with each other. You should refrain from using foul or offensive language. You cannot insult or put down others, or incite violence against people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or gender, and/or as a member of a country, group, or minority. Disagreement is inevitable, from time to time. Tolerance for the views of others drives the pragmatic and professional approach encouraged in this community. What is important is to seek constructive solutions to disagreements and differing views and to accept that some cases may result to “agree to disagree”. Being polite means being aware and respecting the feelings of other people and showing it.
  • Keep their contributions informative, relevant and to the point. The Digital Skills and Jobs Platform aims to be the home of an active and diverse digital skills community from all across Europe. You can use the DSJP community tool to connect with your peers, hold online discussions, exchange best practices, share your resources, promote relevant initiatives and network with other European stakeholders and experts. We rely on our community members to foster a constructive, collaborative and professional spirit. When creating content or posting a comment, make sure it is relevant to the specific area on which you are contributing. Do not write the same comment to several discussion threads or users. 
  • Ensure that the content they upload to the platform does not infringe any copyright. Before sharing pictures, videos, documents or any other resources, please make sure you have the right to do so. It is the duty of each content contributor to check the legality of their use of such materials prior to making them available. You are solely liable for the contents of any document, information or materials which you upload, link to or make otherwise available to the platform. 
  • Ensure they do not share any private information or sensitive data. Be thoughtful about the content you post that relates to others. You should not share your or other DSJP users’ private information – such as personal phone numbers and addresses, credit card details or other private information – or sensitive pictures or any other kind of sensitive materials. For more information on how and why we may process your data, and how you can exercise your rights, please consult our DSJP Privacy Statement.
  • Not use the platform for direct personal gain or commercial purposes. While we very much welcome our users to promote their projects, activities or initiatives, you should refrain from explicit advertising of products or services without our prior consent or the adequate context. Recurring promotion of your activities or services or random invitations to events you organise will be considered spam.

If you feel a DSJP user is not respecting the Code of Conduct, please notify the platform support team here. For registered users, failure to comply with the rules included in this Code of Conduct constitutes a violation of its terms and this may result in temporary or permanent removal of any posting or material uploaded, at any time, without prior notice. In such cases, the authors of the materials will be informed and reasons for the removal will be provided. Users who do not comply with the Code of Conduct may also be banned, temporarily or permanently from the DSJP community environment. 

Copyright notice

© European Union, 1995-2021

Reproduction is authorised, provided the source is acknowledged, save where otherwise stated.

Where prior permission must be obtained for the reproduction or use of textual and multimedia information (sound, images, software, etc.), such permission shall cancel the above-mentioned general permission and shall clearly indicate any restrictions on use.

How to contact us or report a problem?

If users or contributors notice any kind of error or a legal infringement they are invited to notify the platform support team here.

More information

A more general Legal notice applicable for this website is available here.