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Digital Europe Programme

Developments in key and emerging technologies, such as Artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, blockchain, and quantum computing amongst others, are changing the way we define digital skills and the extent to which we depend on technology. The COVID-19 pandemic further highlighted the existing shortage of digital experts and ICT professionals in Europe.

The world is changing fast: and more than ever before, we need to ensure that the digital transformation reflects European values and leaves no one behind. This ambition is at the heart of the Digital Decade, and its target of reaching 20 million professionals in the ICT field in Europe by 2030.

The Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL) will provide strategic funding to answer these challenges and support the development of a skilled talent pool of ICT experts, equipped with the necessary skills to deliver cutting-edge solutions in Europe. With a total budget of €580 million in the digital skills pillar, the Digital Europe Programme will enhance cooperation between EU Member States and stakeholders in digital skills and jobs through:

  • Specialised education programmes in key digital areas (AI, blockchain, robotics, quantum and HPC, etc), which reflect the diversity of training approaches and rich knowledge base in Europe and lead to a professional diploma (€120 million contribution over the first two years of implementation). 
  • Short-term training courses, tailored to the needs of SMEs and businesses in Europe, as well as jobseekers and citizens looking to reskill (€25 million investment over the first two years of the programme’s scope).

These actions all have one common goal: to spark the interest of European citizens in a sector that appears closed and highly-technical from the outside, increase the number of students in digital areas, and encourage the upskilling of digital experts to fields of high demand.

DIGITAL also supports other key EU initiatives and actions in the field of digital skills and jobs, such as the Digital Education Action Plan, the Digital Decade targets, as well as various national actions under the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility. The Platform supports the Digital Europe Programme, offering a way to connect with partners, show replicable good practices, and engage via discussion forums to pitch ideas and get relevant insight and data. The trainings and education programmes will be showcased here, at the very home of digital skills in the EU - the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform.

Stay tuned for more information!

In the meantime, we invite you to brush up your skills through our selection of trainings and courses on digital skills and get ready to hit the ground running.