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A Pledge is a commitment made on top of the core filed of activity of an organisation, big or small, private, public or non-profit, to make a direct contribution to reduce the digital skills gap in Europe. Commitments are provided in good faith and free of conditions to the beneficiaries. 

Browse through pledges to see how organisations contribute to reaching the Digital Decade targets of training 20 million ICT Specialists and ensuring basic digital skills for 80 % of the population.  

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RiseUp with ServiceNow

By: ServiceNow

Nurturing people is how we grow our company and ecosystem while doing good in the larger community.

To be completed by: 31/01/2030

Digitally Trained 20 Young Candidates

By: Education to Employment (E2E)

Since the WBL Training Platform envisages significant focus on digital and green occupations, our pledge until the end of 2023 is to have at least 20 trainees that would have gone through the work-based learning in the ICT companies/occupations i.e. Junior Full Stack Developer or Blockch

To be completed by: 31/12/2023


By: Fundatia EOS Educating for an Open Society

In Romania, LinkedIn data suggests that the demand for cybersecurity skills has grown by 31% over the last year alone.

To be completed by: 30/06/2023

Portugal Tech Week

By: 351 Portuguese Startup Association

Portugal Tech Week: one of the biggest innovation festivals in the world!   

To be completed by: 15/11/2022

Digital Schools Awards

By: HP Inc

Digital Schools Awards programme is a HP-led collaboration between governments, education and the technology industry to encourage and recognize schools’ self-reflection in using technology to support improvements in teaching, learning and assessment.

To be completed by: 25/03/2023

Digitally enabled parents

By: Parents International

Parenting is one of the most complex activities of people and also a job most people do at some point in their lives. Research and experience shows that parents gain a lot of knowledge, skills and competences through parenting in different walks of life, some specific, some transversal.

To be completed by: 31/12/2025

uCV: one website for each job seeker

By: Corsidia SB Srl

Corsidia is an Italian platform that aggregates educational opportunities offered by more than a thousand selected Training Centers in Italy. Roughly half of these courses are aimed at unemployed people and financed by regional training funds.

To be completed by: 01/05/2022