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A Pledge is a commitment made on top of the core filed of activity of an organisation, big or small, private, public or non-profit, to make a direct contribution to reduce the digital skills gap in Europe. Commitments are provided in good faith and free of conditions to the beneficiaries. Browse through pledges to see how organisations contribute to reaching the Digital Decade targets of training 20 million ICT Specialists and ensuring basic digital skills for 80 % of the population.


Trade Union Digitalisation


The trade union is currently undergoing a digitalisation initiative, moving many of our activities and communications online.

To be completed by: 31/12/2020

Re-skilling and Up-skilling

By: Fundación TAC

Main objective is to train and certify in digital skills at the user level, to improve their transversal skills in this field, strengthen their curriculum vitae and improve their employability.

To be completed by: 31/12/2022


By: Expertise on Demand

Invite an Expert - digital transformation An initiative allowing professionals from many fields to donate their time and expertise in solidarity, and to support people and organizations globally during time of COVID-19 crises.

To be completed by: 01/09/2020

Migracode project

By: Open Cultural Center

With our Migracode project - a seven-month coding course - we aim to encourage the labour integration of refugees and migrants by advancing their programming skills.

To be completed by: 31/12/2021

Big Data Value Education Hub

By: Big Data Value Association (BDVA)

The Big Data Value Education Hub (EduHub - is an online platform and living repository for knowledge about European educational offerings related to big data (covering areas such as data processing, data management, data

To be completed by: 31/12/2020


By: Polskie Towarzystwo Informatyczne

ExeBOOK is a  webservice ( intended  for school teachers. It is a set of test, exercises, problems and solutions - to help  teachers in completing IT curriculum in primary and secondary school classes.

To be completed by: 31/12/2020

Competence Barometer

By: Polskie Towarzystwo Informatyczne

Competences barometer is an online set of tests, 48 single choice questions each (we have 10 different sets of questions) covering the entire sylabus of “Computer Skills Cerificate – Basic Level”, the qualification one can find in the National Qualification Register (4 modules: Computer Essential

To be completed by: 31/12/2022

Digital For Youth

By: Close the Gap

Computers are an integral part of our world, also among young people. Young people who today want to take online lessons or receive tasks from the school due to the COVID-19 measures taken, obviously need a computer.

To be completed by: 30/06/2020