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A Pledge is a commitment made on top of the core filed of activity of an organisation, big or small, private, public or non-profit, to make a direct contribution to reduce the digital skills gap in Europe. Commitments are provided in good faith and free of conditions to the beneficiaries. 

Browse through pledges to see how organisations contribute to reaching the Digital Decade targets of training 20 million ICT Specialists and ensuring basic digital skills for 80 % of the population.  

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Closing the Cybersecurity gender gap through mentoring for women

By: Gen
Gen is committed to working to close the significant gender gap which persists in the IT and cybersecurity industries globally and bring more women and underrepresented minorities into tech. We are proud to work with the European non-profit Foundation Women4Cyber to pledge support for upskilling and career advancement mentorships for 1,000 women in cybersecurity.
To be completed by: 30/04/2025

Fundación Cibervoluntarios

By: Fundación Cibervoluntarios
Our pledge We are a Spanish NGO pioneers since 2001 in social use of technologies to generate social innovation and digital empowerment through citizen participation and technological volunteering. Our main focus is training on digital skills people...
To be completed by: 31/12/2030

IT Fitness Test 2024 - the largest free online digital skills assessment for the V4 countries and Ukraine

By: National Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs of the Slovak Republic
About IT Fitness Test The biggest and most comprehensive way to test the digital skills of primary and secondary school students and teachers in Central Europe – this is IT Fitness Test. IT Fitness Test was first organised in Slovakia in 2010 as part...
To be completed by: 31/10/2024

Meet and Code - together for the brighter digital future

By: TechSoup Europe
About Meet and Code Meet and Code introduces youth from all walks of life to the world of technology and coding. It aims to close the digital divide across Europe by making coding and learning digital skills accessible and inclusive. In the context...
To be completed by: 31/12/2024

Fortinet Cybersecurity Skills Academy Pledge

By: Fortinet
Fortinet is committed to closing the cybersecurity skills and talent gap in the European Union. We pledge to offer free trainings, professional certifications and general awareness educational materials to 75,000 EU citizens, by February 2027. Namely...
To be completed by: 19/02/2027

TechSoup Europe - together we unlock the power of technology for societal transformation

By: TechSoup Europe
TechSoup Europe spearheads a dynamic network of 24 capacity-building organizations, catering to a vibrant community of over 500,000 civil society organizations (CSOs) in Europe, wielding a savings for them a staggering 4 billion euros. Our mission is...
To be completed by: 31/12/2030

SAP Chief Trust Office

SAP is committed to closing the cybersecurity skills and talent gap in the European Union by organizing a training through a two-part course intended to introduce learners to cybersecurity fundamentals. We pledge to offer this trainings to 10,000 EU...
To be completed by: 31/12/2027

Taking a holistic approach towards supporting cybersecurity skilling and closing the cybersecurity skills gap in Europe.

By: Google
Google is more focused than ever on protecting people, businesses and governments by sharing our expertise, empowering society to address ever-evolving cyber risks and continuously working to advance the state of the art in cybersecurity to build a safer world for everyone.
To be completed by: 31/12/2026

E-Signatures Evolution: Streamlining Paperless Digital Transformation

Our pledge This digital transformation project with electronic signatures is designed to propel individuals and organizations further into the digital realm. This initiative seeks to break free from traditional, paper-based processes by introducing...
To be completed by: 31/10/2025

Empowering Europe's Future – Cutting-Edge Tech Expertise through Microdegree Studies Co-developed with Leading Organizations

By: Kajaani University of Applied Sciences
In today’s digitalized world, almost everything works online. The importance of information security cannot be stressed enough, and its value is constantly on the rise as all kinds of cloud-based services continue to gain traction across the globe...
To be completed by: 31/12/2033