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Digital SkillUp

Emerging technologies impact the way we live and work. Understanding how they influence our daily lives and careers can give us a head start into the future – but it may also prove challenging to many. 

Digital SkillUp is a EU-funded initiative that offers innovative online courses, explaining emerging technologies in an easy and accessible way to everyone – no matter their age, profession, or previous ICT experience. It helps all European citizens and SMEs keeping up with emerging technologies and making the most of them.



Digital SkillUp also offers a catalogue of training opportunities focusing on emerging technologies, as well as online events for organisations and training providers to share experiences and collectively support citizens and SMEs in upskilling and reskilling related to these topics.





Digital SkillUp has been developed by a consortium of creators of digital learning solutions and education and digital business organisations (European Schoolnet, DIGITALEUROPE, European DIGITAL SME Alliance, Public Libraries 2030 and Reaktor).


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