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Pledges for digital skills - results 2024

In a time of constantly evolving technology, the importance of digital skills cannot be underestimated. At the forefront of this transformational journey are 139 organisations acting as key forces for change. Committed to high-impact initiatives, they are ready to reshape Europe's digital landscape in line with the ambitious targets set by the European Commission: the training of 20 million ICT professionals and ensuring that 80% of the population has basic digital skills.

Pledges Unveiled

A pledge is a commitment made by organisations that goes beyond their core activities and demonstrates a shared responsibility to improve digital skills across Europe.

Exploring the 139 pledges and 344 initiatives provides an insight into the diverse ways in which organisations are actively contributing to the goals of the Digital Decade. Each of the 139 organisations is actively demonstrating unique efforts and progress towards the overarching goals of the Digital Decade initiative. 

From large corporations to grassroots non-profit organisations, the diverse contributions reflect a collective determination to bridge the digital divide. Through training programmes, courses, collaborations and awareness-raising activities, these organisations are playing a key role in reshaping Europe's digital future.

Pledging actions - Digital Decade targets

Organisations as beacons of change: Exceeding Targets

The 25 organisations that have pledged to train 1.7 million people by 2030 are a powerful demonstration of their unwavering commitment. To date, some 3 million European citizens have already benefited from the initiatives, and ongoing efforts are continuing to make an impact. Another compelling aspect is the awareness-raising effort. A total of 45 actions have been implemented since 2020, reaching an impressive 80 million people across Europe - 5.5 times the original target.

Join the Pledgers Community!

The call to action is clear; organisations are encouraged to join the large community of pledgers and become agents of change in Europe's digital landscape. By showcasing projects and contributing to the collective effort, organisations can actively participate in closing the digital skills gap and leave a lasting impact on the continent's digital future.

The commitment of organisations, regardless of size or sector, underlines a unified approach to the challenges posed by rapid technological change. As the community of pledgers continues to grow, so too does the potential to not only meet but exceed the goals of the Digital Decade and create a more digitally literate and empowered Europe for generations to come.

Trainings to people across EU. To date, 162% of the initial KPI has been reached

Trainings to people across EU. To date, 162% of the initial KPI has been reached

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