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Pledges for digital skills

The Digital Skills & Jobs Platform is the new home of the Pledges for digital skills! Discover our new features and become a pledger for digital skills, joining a community of European changemakers, all striving to be at the forefront of an exciting new digital future for Europe.

As of today, the Digital Skills & Jobs Platform will host the Pledges for digital skills. All organisations striving to boost digital skills in Europe can join the Coalition by submitting a pledge via the Digital Skills & Jobs Platform. Actions can vary from training job seekers, giving offering MOOCs for teachers, organising coding classes for children or providing cutting-edge training for ICT specialists.   

Join the Digital Skills & Jobs Coalition (DSJC) and become a pledger now! You can create your organisation profile or join an existing one and then submit your pledge. Read this quick guide we prepared for you to find out all the steps you need to follow to submit a pledge.

Why become a pledger?

Becoming a Pledger means joining a community of European changemakers, all committed to being at the forefront of an exciting new digital future for Europe. At the same time, Pledgers will have a distinct visibility on the Platform through a special Pledge label.

By submitting a pledge, you will have the opportunity to:

  • interact with peer organisations and multi-stakeholder partnerships at European level in the exclusive circle of DSJC members, via dedicated community groups and online sessions;
  • showcase your good practice initiatives;
  • position your organisation among other digital skills leaders in your sector and as a change-maker across the EU.

If you want to know more, read the full Value proposition here.

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