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Meet and Code - together for the brighter digital future

Meet and Code - together for the brighter digital future

Start date 01/04/2024
End date 31/12/2024

About Meet and Code

Meet and Code introduces youth from all walks of life to the world of technology and coding. It aims to close the digital divide across Europe by making coding and learning digital skills accessible and inclusive. In the context of digital literacy, the events are designed to showcase the importance of digital learning in a fun and interactive manner. The workshops creatively teach youth how technology works and how IT affects our daily lives. By exploring a broad range of topics and different ways to code, participants are encouraged to develop the 21st century skills needed for today’s digital workforce. The general narrative of this year's Meet and Code edition focuses even more on underrepresented, underserved and underprivileged children and youth. Event location: NPOs are welcome to host in-person, virtual and hybrid events. Possible events include hackathons, coding workshops, competitions, coding nights, robotics classes or other formats. 

Meet and Code is Europe’s biggest digital skills program with the goal of introducing children and young people to technology and coding. Since 2017, Meet and Code has positively impacted the lives of over 300,000 young people across 35 European countries through enabling their participation in over 8,000 free coding events. This year, Meet and Code is taking place from April to October, 2024. Non-profits can apply for grants of 500 Euros to organize events across 13 European countries.




Meet and Code will take place from April to December 2024, with emphasis on EU Code Week in autumn 2024, further highlighting the need for digital literacy across the continent. 


Event ideas are submitted on the website, starting from April 2024. Organizations are welcome to submit several different event ideas. Qualifying ideas will then receive funding of 500 Euros to support their learning activities. 


 Different social groups, such as schools, libraries, IT professionals, companies or computer clubs may plan and implement events for the target group. However, the promoter and organizer of an event must be a charitable organization, such as a school support association, to receive the funding.

Who is behind Meet and Code? 

Behind Meet and Code are the organizing partners Haus des Stiftens, TechSoup Europe with the respective country partners of the TechSoup Europe network and the main donor partner Amazon that enable the initiative through financial support and providing resources for nonprofits. Meet and Code was initially founded by Haus des Stiftens, SAP and TechSoup Europe. Meet and Code:

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Meet and Code - edition 2024
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