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Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

The ongoing digital transformation of the economy and of society requires that all Europeans acquire and develop digital skills. As outlined in the Digital Decade strategy, “digital skills, basic and advanced, will be essential to reinforce our collective resilience as a society”.

In particular, the labour force needs to up-skill and re-skill to make the best use of new digital technologies in their workplace. A large talent pool of digital experts is also necessary to develop and deploy cutting-edge digital technologies such as AI, cybersecurity, Internet of Things or blockchain in every sector of the economy. The Path to the Digital Decade sets out the concrete digital targets which the European Union aims to achieve by the end of the decade, as first outlined in the Digital Compass Communication. The EU aims to train 20 million ICT Specialists (with equitable participation of men and women) and that 80% of the population have basic digital skills.

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition (DSJC) is an EU initiative that brings together Member States, companies, social partners, non-profit organisations and education providers, who work to address the lack of digital skills in Europe. The DSJC provides an opportunity for organisations that are taking action to improve digital skills across Europe to learn from their peers and to showcase their actions and their impact. The actions done under the Coalition umbrella are key to reaching the Digital Decade targets.

The Digital Skills and Jobs Platform - the new home for the DSCJ community

The Digital Skills and Jobs Platform is the place where the Community meets, exchanges and keeps up to date with all European initiatives and policy actions on digital skills. The platform offers a wide variety of information and resources, matched with interactive spaces: the public and private collaborative and networking community groups.  

Would you like to join the Coalition? Create an organisation profile or join an existing organisation on the Platform!
Can your organisation contribute with a concrete action? Make a pledge via the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform! 

What is a pledge?

 A Pledge is a commitment made on top of the core field of activity of an organisation, big or small, private, public, or non-profit, to make a concrete contribution to reducing the digital skills gap in Europe. Pledges are provided in good faith and free of conditions to the beneficiaries.
A pledge is a clear signal of your organisation’s commitment to equip Europeans, employees, unemployed, ICT specialists, teachers, students or elderly people, with the skills they need for life and work in the digital age.

Why should you pledge? 

Becoming a Pledger means joining a community of European changemakers, all striving to be at the forefront of an exciting new digital future for Europe. At the same time Pledgers  have a distinct visibility on the Platform via a special Pledge label.

The Pledgers community has its own dedicated space, where companies of all sizes including public and non-profit institutions can meet and discuss, exchange opinions, best practices and accomplishments in the discussions, meet live during Community events and webinars. 

Read the full Value proposition here.

How can you pledge? 

Organisations committed to improving digital skills in Europe are welcome to join the coalition by making a pledge through the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform. These pledges are in line with the pillars of the Digital Decade - digital skills for all citizens,  workforce, ICT professionals and education - and will be implemented through various actions such as training, courses, awareness-raising, etc.

We encourage your organisation to take the next step and pledge your commitment to equip Europeans with the skills they need for life and work in the digital age. The pledge can be big and small, from the private, public and third sector. It should go beyond your day-to-day activities and directly contribute to reducing the digital skills gap in Europe.  

Become a Pledger now! Read this quick guide on how to submit pledge.

Need inspiration? 

Browse through existing pledges and find out what others are doing to help bridge the digital skills gap. Have a look at the full list of pledging organisations and get in touch with to establish new partnerships.