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What Digital Expertise Do SMEs Really Need?

We constantly hear that companies of all shapes and sizes need people with digital skills. But what are the real, concrete needs of SMEs in Europe?  

Do businesses require more experts in IoT, Cloud or Cybersecurity? Are higher education institutions able to supply skilled Digital Experts to the job market? Do SMEs want to hire inhouse staff or contract in expertise as needed?  

Please use this discussion thread to share your experience and insights on this topic, and let's work together to understand the real digital skills needs of European companies.  

I talk about Italy and the situation that I know.

Higher education institutions as high school, university are not ready about this themes.

Micro-small companies are not ready to hire people with higher education, because we had a big gap of knowledge also in the companies, due to the fact that the topic is not know and the enterpreneur doesn't know which development could be have his/her structures and organization in terms of competitiveness and longevity.

We need to improve knowledge in the companies with trainer, education and at the same time train people about the digital at the hight school and university. 

This is the possibility that offer and demand can match, because they talk about it, with the same competences and knowledges.

If we carry on with high digital education by forming only one of the parties, they will never meet.

Thanks for discussion.

Best regards