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Pledge Viewer

At the heart of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition and its community is the Pledge Viewer – a searchable tool, which gathers various actions launched by companies, organisations and institutions to bridge the digital skills gap in Europe. The Pledge Viewer is the main tool for viewing and managing pledges and membership of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition.

Each pledge represents a commitment to foster the acquisition (or further development) of digital skills and advance digital skills throughout Europe. From large-scale training actions, involving several Member States, to targeted smaller initiatives, focusing on a specific societal group or theme of focus, pledges bring added value to the digital skills landscape in Europe.

Pledges can be made by any organisation (public or private) and represent concrete actions to bring digital skills closer to all European citizens, labour force, education sector, or professionals already engaged within the ICT field. Pledges reach beyond the normal scope of each organisation’s activity, they are provided in good faith, and offer measurable outcomes and results.

Zoom in on upskilling initiatives in your own region or country and see what initiatives have led to concrete results. Join the vibrant community of the Coalition and find inspiration to make your own pledge.