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European Initiatives

The High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence (AI HLEG) was appointed by the European Commission in 2018 to advise on the implementation of a European Artificial Intelligence Strategy. Comprised by members from industry associations, academia and civil society, the initiative brings together a variety of stakeholders throughout Europe to ensure diversity, coherence and consistency in the European approach towards AI. 

The AI HLEG produced a number of documents and recommendations, informing the foundations of a coordinated European approach towards AI. The group's report on the Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI, identified key requirements, which each AI technology needs to fulfil before it is considered safe and trustworthy, putting forward a human-centric approach on AI. The HLEG also drew more than 30 policy recommendations to ensure the use and application of trustworthy AI technology, which promotes sustainability, competitiveness, inclusion and growth. 

In addition, the AI HLEG developed an assessment checklist for businesses, developers and researchers working with AI applications and methods, to serve as guidance for actors in the field. The checklist allows organisations to assess safety and liability implications of their developed solutions and effectively translates the Ethics Guidelines into a practical format, so they can be tested, used and deployed by organisations and researchers in the field.  The group also explored the possible policy approaches towards implementation of its set of recommendations in the context of 3 key industries: in three specific key areas: Public Sector, Healthcare and Manufacturing and the Internet of Things.

Initiative Details

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Digital skills for ICT professionals and other digital experts.
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EU institutional initiative