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Digital skills in the energy sector

The digital transformation of energy sector is well underway. Sensors and smart grids are already widely deployed. Renewables and other parts of the distributed microgrid are being integrated. Distributed energy resources (DERs) that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are being adopted. The overarching communications network, which will migrate to 5G over the next decade, is playing an increasingly important role as part of this digital transformation. As such, energy utilities will need a workforce with suitable digital skills.

While all of this technological progress is promising, how do energy carriers manage the human resources side of the equation? Most  European energy actors (DSOs, TSOs and etc) are struggling with replacing their aging workforce. Automation of many functions is one answer, but that only increases the need for digital skills.

At the same time, the rapid digitalisation means that the competition for data scientists and software programmers whom are often being hired by sectors that embraced digital decades ago.