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Find partners for the new call on Short term training courses in key capacity areas 

visual of the Digital Europe programme and title of the call, plus invitation to joint the discussion and find project partners

Short Term Training Courses in Key Capacity Areas: Join the discussion and find project partners!

Objective: The aim of this action is to give the possibility to the current workforce to access trainings reflecting the latest developments in key capacity areas, such as HPC, Cybersecurity, AI and other emerging technologies. These technologies evolve at such a fast pace that requires a constant update of the digital skills, also for those already employed. This investment will increase the number of men and women able to design, develop and deploy digital solutions in the economy and across sectors.

The project aims at expanding the existing offer for training, with a particular focus that enables to meet the needs of SMEs.

Deadline: The application deadline is 17 may 2022 17:00, Brussels time. 

Call Text: The call for proposal text can be viewed here

Call Information:  Available on the Funding & Tender Portal.   

Consortia: This call requires a consortium of at least three Education and Training Providers and at least three Business or Professional Associations, located in at least three different eligible countries. Cooperation with EDIHs, Clusters, innovation and excellence centres in digital technologies or other alliances active in key digital technologies is also encouraged. Your consortium can also include SMEs, who benefit from a 75% co-funding rate. Please see page 10 of the call document for more information. 

The Info session, which took place on 14 May, was streamed live on the European Commission's website and the recording is now available on this page (please note that the presentation on the Advanced Digital Skills short term training courses starts at timecode 10.56). You can also access all the presentations here


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Digital Technology Skills is requesting to join consortia for the forthcoming calls. We have vast experience in building industry led MSc programmes in the digital and technology arena. We have created 13 MSc programmes and have several other academically accredited programmes in our portfolio. We are currently involved in two EU projects building similar MSc programmes.

Strengths in Needs Analysis, Dissemination, Exploitation and Sustainability as a WP contributor. We bring industry collaboration to all our projects.

Details - 

Our 2022 MSc Programmes -

Profile Link -


Hello everyone,

I am Maite Guerrero, Innovation Coordinator of Inercia Digital.

Inercia Digital is a Spanish VET centre (Vocational Training for Employment)  in Andalusia officially accredited by our regional government and our main area of expertise is fostering digital and entrepreneurial skills. We are experts on  ICT components (eplatforms, apps, robotics, etc.). These elements are now everywhere and we firmly believe in the need for the constant modernisation and digitalisation of organisations, both in terms of educational institutions and non-profit organisations as well as in the workplace.

Inercia Digital’s mission is to internationally promote training and innovation in digital and entrepreneurial skills in education, for working people and for all citizens in general, with a relentless drive for innovation. It was also appointed a new member of the “Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition” of the European Commission in 2017 and a member of the European Green Digital Coalition from 2020. In addition, we have successfully participated in more than 100European projects of digital innovation.

At this moment, we are preparing for the upcoming calls of Digital Europe and other programmes. Thus, I would like to kindly ask you if you are submitting any proposals on any call, as we are willing to bring to projects our expertise and cooperate with you as reliable partners.

Let’s collaborate to support the digital transformation of European education!

Thank you in advance for your time.



Dear all,

I am representing BINA - Bar Ilan's Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials - at Bar Ilan University, Israel ( BINA has a renowned research staff to educate Israel's next generation of nanoscience professionals while collaborating with academic and industrial experts on nano-based approaches to energy, magnetism, optics, cleantech, materials, quantum, robotics, bioconvergence, and biomedicine.

BINA is housed within a large nanotechnology complex with advanced labs and equipment that comply with the highest international standards of scientific performance.

Comprehensive range of services

  • Consulting, analysis, sample preparation
  • Sophisticated measurement capabilities
  • Scientific support from start to finish
  • Active participation in the experimental design process
  • State-of-the-art instrumentation
  • Optimal lab conditions
  • Available for academia and industrial- companies

Scientific facilities

  • Charged-Particle Microscopy
  • Nano Fabrication
  • Surface Analysis

BINA is looking to join a consortium targeting the call on Advanced Digital Skills Short term training courses or future calls of similar nature.


Please feel free to contact me for more information

Anna Madar -



This is Maria Michalopoulou, Vice Rector of Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH), ranked among the biggest Greek Universities in terms of the number of its active student population. Geographically dispersed throughout Thrace (EMTh Region), with 8 Schools, 20 Departments, a student population that reaches approximately 29.000 (undergraduate, graduate students and candidate PhD students) and with a research and teaching staff that
exceeds 700 people. 

DUTH is in charge of the business incubator which supports the local start up ecosystem and has coordinated/ participated in more than 15 projects relevant to digital innovation tools, in the last 4 years. We are also the coordinator of the #DigiAgriFood candidate EDIH. We are interested in joining consortia with other education institutes and business associations in the framework of this call. If you are interested, please contact me 


Hello, I am Matteo with SMACT, one of 8 competence centers in Italy for industry 4.0, the one based on north-east Italy --> see

With 11 universities and RTOs and over 50 companies, our training activities on IoT, cybersecurity and AI are well-developed.

If anyone is interested in an Italian partner, please contact me at


Hi all! I'm Donatella from Dock3 - the startup lab.
We are the entrepreneurship program of Roma Tre University, open to students, researchers and graduates of any discipline and from any University, who want to experiment with their entrepreneurial skills and validate a business project.
The program intends to spread the entrepreneurial and innovation culture among students and researchers of Italian universities; contribute to bridging the academy-work gap, strengthening the soft skills necessary to undertake any job; support the development of new innovative business projects; connect the best projects with local and international companies, stimulating open-innovation.
In five years of activity, dock3 has trained more than 600 young innovators and supported them in experimenting with hundreds of ideas. Dock3 has been recognized by the Italian government as a role model of entrepreneurship education in the country.
We are looking froward being an active partner in a consortium and also very keen on developing new concepts and writing proposal as joint-collaboration. We would be very pleased to collaborate with both educational providers and business associations.
If interested please contact us via email:
All the best,


Hello, We are a development agency focusing on digitalization in VET in Gaziantep Turkiye.

In the process of digital transformation, important changes have occurred in the education sector along with the industry. Education and training institutions, for example, have had to use systems and technology to expand learning providers' use of distance learning and distance or alternative assessments. During the pandemic, it can easily be understood that digital delivery tools that allow VET trainers to offer professional online learning opportunities have become the norm.

However, since digital transformation shows a great improvement every ten years, it is important that the studies in this field are reflected in the business world quickly. The aim of the proposed project is that students and teachers studying in the field of vocational education follow the latest studies on "Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Metaverse, Internet of Things" in the context of digital transformation and learn by using them in a practical way.


The project is multifaceted,

➢ Producing an app with interactive materials, tools, and resources to support teachers in vocational education (DigiVET ToolKit)

➢ Updating and renewing the existing training tools and programs of Vocational High School teachers

➢ Developing Vocational High School teachers' ICT and digital skills

➢ Developing digital competencies for Vocational High School teachers by providing a training curriculum for digital techniques on e-learning methods

➢ Increasing students' professional preparation

➢ To provide digital literacy skills in VET.

➢ To strengthen the quality of life for Vocational High School teachers and to create flexibility and value in working life.

➢ To provide information on effective e-learning methodologies

➢ To share good practices regarding digital competencies required in VET.

➢ To create an innovative and pedagogical educational approach within the framework of the digital approach to VET.


The main target groups to work with within the scope of the project are;

➢ Educators, Teachers, and School Administrators Working in Vocational Education Institutions

➢ Students receiving training in priority sectors (Food, Tourism, Logistics, Machinery, Textile, Automotive) in the field of Vocational Education

➢ The proposed Project consists of the development of training content to be given in the focus on artificial intelligence, machine learning, metaverse, internet of things, increasing the competencies of vocational high school teachers, and the development of the DigiVET Toolkit application to increase the professional skills of young people who are not actively involved in working life (neither in employment nor in education).

The proposed project has been carried out for Digital Europe Program (DIGITAL) studies on Advanced Digital Skills (DIGITAL-2022-SKILLS-02) program. The project deadline is 17 May 2022.

Digital skills and education represent one of the four main ways to achieve a successful Digital Decade. In Europe, actions under Strategic Goal 4 aim to support the excellence of EU education and training institutions in the digital fields, including by promoting research and cooperation with businesses.

Just as the EU joins forces to invest in digital infrastructure through EuroHPC or the European Alliance for Industrial Data and Clouds, top education and training institutions need to leverage their strength to improve the relevant private education offering necessary to become a world leader. The aim is to develop the capacity to nurture and attract digital talent while fostering an ecosystem that will help drive innovation and digital breakthroughs. In particular, this will be achieved through the development of excellent education and training partnerships, bringing together academia, VET providers, research, competence centers, and innovative businesses.

If you are interested in the proposed Project, please send the PIF form of your organization to


Thank you all for joining our Networking Day! This discussion thread is still open for more pitches. Don't forget to use the Private Messaging in the community to get in touch with other group members and invite them to partner for the Call.

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We are the eSkills Malta Foundation based in Malta. We are interested in being part of a consortium to provide short courses, as detailed in this call. We can participate as a member to give advice on courses and/or as being the national coordinator of specific courses that Malta can offer. We can find local training providers who can develop short courses on agreed particular subjects for the latter. Don't hesitate to get in touch with

The eSkills Malta Foundation is a National Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs. The Foundation is made up of various representatives from Government, industry and education, who can contribute to the increase in digital skills and the development of the IT profession and help us with the following mandates: 

  • to advise Government and relevant stakeholders on matters related to eSkills policies;
  • to contribute to the expansion of ICT educational programmes and associated formative initiatives;
  • to lead an ICT professionalism development programme; 
  • to instigate further reform in the ICT educational offerings and contribute to capacity-building of the ICT education community; 
  • ​​to champion campaigns and promote the Maltese eSkills potential locally and internationally.

International best practices indicate that multi-sectoral partnerships are one of the key approaches to achieving synergy in the sustainable development of the right digital skills. The eSkills Malta Foundation was established by the Maltese Government to reflect this paradigm of inclusive synergy. The Founding members of the Foundation are the Ministry for Education and Employment, the Malta Information Technology Agency, the Malta Communications Authority, the Malta Enterprise, The Malta Gaming Authority and The Malta Chamber of Commerce Enterprise and Industry.

We  implement many initiatives and some major ones include:

  • Digital Bootcamp where we engage with training providers to provide short courses.
  • Career Guidance to Career Guidance Teachers and Students
  • Organise Industry in the ICT sector visit to students and Teachers
  • Undertake specific studies relating to digital skills and ICT
  • Develop the National eSkills Strategy for Malta
  • Contribute to the Technical Committee (TC) 428 for the development of frameworks related to ICT (e.g. e-Competence Framework)
  • Organise or events related to digital skills, including those by our founding members

More about what we do can be seen on our website On the website we have our annual reports which give an annual overview of the years. These are found in the specific link



Hello everyone,

We are LCC International University from Lithuania, Klaipėda. We act both as an educational institution and the training provider. In cooperation with Cybint, a global cyber skills company with a commitment to reskilling and upskilling in cybersecurity, LCC International University provides Cybersecurity 6 month courses (with innovative and leading-edge education and training solutions).

The LCC Cybersecurity Bootcamp is an accelerated cybersecurity training program designed to successfully prepare people who may have little or no background in IT for entry level jobs in cybersecurity, leading to a lucrative career path that is in high-demand. The LCC Cybersecurity Bootcamp covers the hands-on and practical skills necessary for Bootcampers to land high-paying careers in cybersecurity, one of the world’s fastest growing industries. The LCC International University is the first higher education institution in Europe that became a Cybint Certified Center.

Since we do have a cybersecurity program ongoing at our camp, we are interested in becoming a consortium member for the cybersecurity project application. With our experience in the courses beforementioned we would be interested in becoming a partner in a project aiming to support the development of advanced digital skills of people and so providing the affordable access to high quality training courses in cybersecurity. The LCC International University with a Cybersecurity Bootcamp would be able to contribute to the development of the content of the courses and then delivery of the program newly created and/or an improved one.

If you are a consortium coordinator and/or just looking for a partner for the project in cybersecurity courses, please contact us by email

For more information about us please also visit our website Cybersecurity Bootcamp (