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Editorial flow and content - discussion

This is the thread we will use to share suggestions and updates on the content and editorial flow.

The suggestions for editing are always available in the Imported content tracking file.


I am trying to correct the translations and make the modifications of the articles that you indicate in the Excel (DSJP_Imported_content_tracking). However, when I set it as "ready for review" and "save" I get the following message: "non-translatable fields can only be changed when updating the original language" and it does not let me save the changes. 
Do you know what could be happening?

Thank you in advance

Kind regards, 



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Hello Susana,

thanks a lot for your message.

It means that for that content there are some fields missing information in the original content imported to the Platform (the Spanish content). To solve this you need to proceed as following:

  1. Go to the original content in Spanish (you have the URL also in the tracking file)
  2. Check all the fields below the text and make sure they are filled in. If not, select the correct options in all fields.
  3. Go to the very end of the page and click on Save. This will also move the content from Imported to Draft state. This is ok.
  4. Go back to the English version. Now all fields should be ok and you should be able to save the edits and move this content to Ready for review

I hope this helps and please come back to us, if you need further guidance.

Kind regards,



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Hello Viola, 

Thank you for your quick response. 

Both yesterday and today I have tried to do what you say, but I still get the same error message (I attach the screenshot). And, therefore, it does not let me put it as "ready for review". 
Yesterday I filled in the "author" field in the Spanish web which was the only one that was blank, maybe the reason is that it takes a few days for the central web to update?
Thanks in advance and sorry for the inconvenience. 
Best regards, 


Dear Cristina, dear Susana, 

Thank you again for the nice call we had yesterday. As promised, we have now inserted our suggestions in your tab in the Imported content tracking file

Could you please take a look at the items there and make the changes following our comments by 30 April 2022? 

Many thanks in advance. You can always drop us a message here or to me via Teams in case there are further issues. 

Thanks a lot and have a great weekend!