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Enterprises are turning towards boosting digital skills "in house"

I spotted this highly relevant article in the FT. It's written by Antonia Cundy and she reports on the growing trend that enterprises (finally) decide to offer more in-house training in digital skills for their employees.

The force behind this trend is obviously the lack of experts on the job market. But also the pandemic made more people interested in virtual training that enterprises can set up more easily.

Most importantly, when companies train their own employees, they build a stronger relationship with them, offer them the possibility to grow on-the-job and in longterm become more resilient. In my view, this is a win-win situation.

However, the article also describes a bad example, when people were trained in domains that became irrelevant "over night".

What do you think? Does your company/organisation offer enough training opportunities in the digital domain? Are these opportunities relevant for your job and career? And did you know that the EU's DIGITAL Europe Programme will soon open a new round of funding to support short term courses in digital tech in particular for SMEs?

Most SMEs I know only train blue collar workers. They rather expect their white-collar team members to 'just know' their doings. 

In the DIGITAL Europe Programme so far I have only seen the MSc developments. For existing SMEs it's not realistic to send their employees on a full Msc. Can you share details about the plans on short-term courses?