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Test your digital skills

Be aware of your digital skill level

Digital skills are becoming essential for everyone. At work, at home or at school, we use smartphones, computers and tablets and we need to be able to master them.  

To order a pizza, to pay an invoice, or to schedule a work meeting, digital tools and the internet are indispensable for our lives and work. But how to know whether you have the right digital skills? And how to find training to get better? 

Now you have the chance to test your digital skills and get access to training opportunities appropriate for your needs. Our new tool "Test your digital skills" can support you to get a good understanding of your current digital competences (based on the established European Digital Competence Framework - DigComp 2.0), which is the starting point to identify what you can do next to improve them, depending on your needs and aspirations. 

The test takes around 20 minutes to complete and, once done, you get a summary report of your skills level. In order to take the test, you will need to register and login and the results will be available in your Profile.

If you wish to know more on the tool, we suggest you check this useful infographic

If you wish, you can also take the test without logging in by clicking the button below. In this case, your results will not be available in your Profile.

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If you are ready to check your digital skills, start now!