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The Virtual Digital Transformation Room is an upskilling initiative of the EULEN Group Corporate University, which is directed at boosting digital competences and tech awareness of its employees. The EULEN Group has more than 6.000 customers at both national and global level, and is a key element of support for business areas like technology and innovation. With more than 90.000 EULEN employees, the Virtual Digital Transformation Room represents an open, innovative, disruptive and co-creation space that drives digital culture, innovation and teamwork. The space is located within the Digital Transformation Aula of the virtual university, led by the Technical Directorate for Auxiliary Services and the EULEN Corporate University. 

The Virtual Digital Transformation Room was set up to support the company's overall strategic plan, in which digital transformation takes a central place. The room corresponds to the EULEN group's vision towards establishing a digital culture that makes it possible to provide value to society, clients and people working in the organisation. What is more, the project aims to implement this strategic vision via a pragmatic and hands-on approach on the ground, through a clear methodology to support the integration of technology to improve processes. 

Why is this a good practice? 

The Virtual Digital Transformation Room serves different purposes and aims to improve digital culture across 4 axes. Within the context of the organisation, the room boosts digital culture by empowering employees to lead technology-oriented projects, increasing also their visibility, so as to inspire other departments to equally work on, and create, digital projects and tools. The project's vision is deeply grounded in sustainability, with employees being encouraged to develop products and processes with a clear environmental impact. In turn, this includes the development and improvement of processes for clients and customers with the aim of increasing productivity and enhancing efficiency. 

The room is built on sound methodological framework, which offers a reference model on how to build digital culture within a company by investing in, and capitalising on, leadership, talent, knowledge, effort, team work and innovation. Finally, participants of the Virtual Digital Transformation Room also get a chance to develop their talents in a supportive and inclusive environment, and gain an improved understanding of managing and leading technological projects, as well as scaling them up. 

Good practice details

Target audience
Digital skills for ICT professionals and other digital experts.
Geographic scope - Country
Industry - field of education and training
Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) not further defined
Geographical sphere
International initiative
Type of funding