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This publication has been undertaken by Ascend Consulting on behalf of and under the objective guidelines set out by the eSkills Malta Foundation. It aims to explore the gender gap in the digital sector and digital jobs in Malta, to shed light on its causes, and investigate how the gender gap impacts organisations.

The findings show that the local ICT intensive sector has improved their efforts to increase the number of women working in their organisations but also highlights that the public sector needs to do more if they are to benefit from a more diverse environment. Overall, the current state of women in the digital sector in Malta is far from balanced. Girls are less likely to study ICT subjects and women are staying away from digital jobs. Moreover, the gender gap in digital jobs is growing wider.

The study was collected based on data collected via an online survey targeting HR managers, CTOs or CEOs. A total of 116 responses were received. It should be considered as a local continuation of Guidelines to Increase and Retain Women in ICT​. Both studies may be used in future strategy, policy and operations by organisations in Malta. 

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