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The OECD has published its annual Education Policy Outlook for 2022, titled "Transforming Pathways for Lifelong Learners". Building on the OECD’s Framework of Responsiveness and Resilience in Education Policy, as well as analysis of international policies and practices from over 40 education systems undertaken mainly since 2020, this report presents three areas of policy effort to advance transformation in 2023.

1. Enhancing the relevance of learning pathways:

  • Education systems need to strengthen their skills anticipation capacity, starting by shorter-term forecasts
  • Proactive and reactive adaptations of education and training opportunities should ultimately seek to empower learners to navigate broader change
  • Assessing the impact of policy efforts to enhance learning pathways needs to become more systematised for greater future resilience

2. Easing transitions along learners’ personal pathways:

  • Stronger connections in learners’ personal pathways throughout life can make them more resilient
  • Countries need to continue supporting learners at greater risk of leaving early
  • Supporting refugees to re-enter learning or employment pathways is time-sensitive

3. Nurturing learners’ aspirations:

  • Outreach strategies can help engage target learners in education, training or work opportunities
  • Learners’ perspectives need to be enriched and expanded from an earlier age
  • Learners need agency and co-agency to identify and capitalise on opportunities

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