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Curriculum Wizard, created by the European initiative, is one part of an effort to assist policymakers and organisations working in healthcare and enable a sustainable approach to training on the job.

This self-assessment tool can help researchers and policymakers in healthcare to ensure hospital staff across Europe is trained to understand the basics of network security and learn more about the implications of cybersecurity data breaches in the context of the health sector. It can also be useful for training providers and educators by providing a benchmark for cybersecurity training in healthcare organisations. Curriculum Wizard looks at three main areas within a hospital administration - organisation, employees and training, to produce a report on hospital staff's overall, and specific, understanding of cyber and network security. 

The tool focuses on two main areas: cybersecurity on an organisational level, and on employee level. 

Organisational level topics:  

  • Digital and health technologies within an organisational context. 
  • Cybersecurity culture and measures that need to be taken within the context of healthcare and the protection of data. 
  • Training and education strategy already embedded within hospital organisational strategy. 

Employee level topics: 

  • Skills, knowledge, and previous awareness of cybersecurity related issues and concepts. 
  • Cybersecurity behaviour of employees: compliance with already established procedures and mechanisms, addressing identified security risks. 

The self-assessment tool also provides options for hospitals when it comes to assessment. Healthcare institutions can either use the digital tool to assess their staff's cybersecurity knowledge and awareness according to pre-defined criteria, or opt for no assessment and a general introductory training instead. 

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A self-assessment tool, based on the main competences for cyber and network security in a healthcare context.

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Self-Assessment Tool