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AIOTI Signature Event 2022 - IoT and Edge Computing

Event location
Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie, Avenue Louise 91/93, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

“Europe must leverage the potential of digital transformation which is a key enabler for reaching the Green Deal objectives” - European Commission.

This statement is reinforced in the New Industrial Strategy for Europe, where it is emphasised that the twin green and digital transitions will impact every area of European economy, society, and industry. 

At this event, AIOTI Signature Event 2022 – IoT and Edge Computing: Societal Impact and Opportunities for the Green Digital Twin Transition, the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) will explore how digital solutions are enabling sustainability gains, how they are contributing to green growth in the EU now, what more can be done to boost green growth through digitisation, and how IoT and Edge computing can contribute to achieving the Green Deal and digital twin transition objectives.

Taking place on 27 September, live in Brussels, discover the full agenda and registration here


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